Executed assignments

Disassembled Zeiss 8×56

This Zeiss 8×56 fell completely into the water.
All parts are disassembled, dried and adjusted again.

Zeiss Diascope 85

We have restored this Zeiss Diascope 85, because the zoom mechanism and the focusing system had jammed due to years of intensive use. After cleaning the various parts and treating the scope with the original greases, it now functions as new again.

Leica Televid 77 telescope

This Leica Televid 77 telescope was broken in half after a fall and the prisms had come loose. We aligned and fixed the prisms and fixed the body with new fixings.

Zeiss Dialyt 7×42

Due to a fall, the up and down going bridge of this Zeiss Dialyt 7×42 was dismayed and the viewer was cross-eyed. We have reoriented the central axis and centered and adjusted the prisms.

Kriegsmarine D.F. 10×80 from WW II

This Kriegsmarine D.F. 10×80 from WWII is also on various lighthouses on the Wadden Islands where we recently carried out various repairs and maintenance. A fall split the prisms and made the viewer unusable. With a special translucent film we glued the prisms again and adjusted the viewer again and furthermore made all mechanical parts common again.